PuttView’s experts are able to survey and analyze a complete golf course with the help of laser scanners (indoors) and drones (outdoors). Golf clubs, golf course managers and architects can draw useful information from these surveys. The PuttView team supports you in finding the optimal design of your greens when a complete course or a single green is being built or remodeled.


PuttView also excels when the focus lies on fun rather than professional sports. The mixture of real golf and Augmented Reality brings a fun and surprise element to events, trade fairs and parties. PuttView is also available as a mobile version and is quick and easy to set up. It is rented for entertainment – be it for experts, regular golfers or party people.


What swing fits what green slope? PuttView uses studies on the ideal putt velocity to support putting practice through visual perception. Know-how, experience, mathematics and physics: this mixture creates innovative practice concepts and generates interesting facts for presentations or clinics alike.


PuttViews innovative technology and concept was awarded mutiple times.


As a spin-off of the University of Hamburg, the company continues cooperating with experienced scientific partners. Viewlicity is involved in several start-up and industry-specific networks and always open for new research-based cooperations.