PuttView Indoor

Learning With A Fun Factor

The Goal: Improve Your Putting

A good drive is usually considered heroic. A bad putt is often cursed and even kept secret. Golfers tend to neglect their last and most important stroke. What putting needs to boost your spirits is innovative practice paired with guaranteed improvement. With PuttView, golf coaches, course operators, and golf clubs alike have a convincing offering at their fingertips. The brand-new innovation from Hamburg, Germany visualizes the ideal putting line, offers detailed feedback and is lots of fun. It can help any golfer improve – amateur or professional.

“You drive for show, but putt for dough.”

-Bobby Locke, South Africa-

Augmented Reality: What Is It?

The creators of PuttView rely on a technology of the future which is changing many aspects of modern life. Through Augmented Reality the perspective of the putting green is extended – thanks to a computed and visualized putting line. For active players, this means they receive a visualization of what should be going on inside their heads. PuttView helps you to perceive your putts in a whole new manner and to quickly analyze your mistakes. It enables more focused practice and allows for completely new gameplays. And it will not stop there – the team continues to work hard to improve the golfer’s experience and performance. Soon the Augmented Reality Technology will amaze golfers not only indoors but also outdoors – thanks to stylish Augmented Reality Glasses.



Modern surveying technology, as well as an accurate 3D-model, are the foundation of PuttView – each and every slope of the green is captured.


Flexible algorithms calculate every possible putt, both for the training with PuttView and the construction of a new green.


For the visualization we install one or more projectors at the costumers location, depending on the size of the green.


An interactive tablet app serves as the control center of PuttView – the user can easily remote control all functions.