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Moving Series Recreate any putting scenario in the world
Why the Moving Series
is perfect for you



Endless putting possibilities

With the Moving Series you can recreate any putting scenario. From double-breakers to severe slopes to uphill and downhill putts, there are no limits to your practice. Replicate famous putts and feel like your heroes on the green. 

Next level coaching

The Moving Series is installed in some of the most renowned locations and putting studios worldwide. Coaches like putting specialist Phil Kenyon, who has coached many Major winners and World Number One players, value the flexibility of the setup and the ability to replicate any slope they like. 

Your personal learning space

You don't have a lot of space but want to make the most out of it? Then this setup is the way to go. It is ideal for one-on-one coaching scenarios and video analysis. All of this without having to use a huge amount of space, yet with all the flexibility you wish for. 

Learn from the best

Phil Kenyon is a renowned putting coach with clients ranging from aspiring golf pro all the way to Major-Winner. Phil Kenyon has earned and owns the trust of the golf world in him and his coaching. For the latter, he in turn trusts our PuttView technology and has done so almost from the very start. Both, in his home base at Formby Hall, UK, and in his US-base in Sea Island, Georgia, he has a Moving Series installed to help him coach his clients. Check out the video to learn about the 5 most effective ways to practice your putting.  

Phil Kenyon „PuttView has helped me become a better coach!“
Moving Series

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Moving Green 18,980 USD

up to 270ft² projection area

Ceiling height: Max. coverage > 12′

real holes depending on green

∞ projected hole

Putts of up to 20'

Third party green required
(e.g. Zen Green Stage, Virtual Green)


All prices above are in USD and include installation. Putting Green, VAT, travel and shipment are not included. Prices subject to change. Get in touch to request a formal quote.


Green size Up to 270ft²
Length 21'
Width (green only) 13'
Ceiling height Max. coverage >12'
Stimp (green speed) 8-14
Controll device Touchscreen
Installation by PuttView
Compatible with Zen Green Stage, Virtual Green
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