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The Moving Series is an all-encompassing putting improvement solution for your home or studio.

Recreate putting scenarios from any golf course and enjoy the smooth and accurate slope adjustment. You can choose between three different sizes (8x12ft, 8x16ft, 8x20ft) and benefit from our professional installation services and trusted PuttView Support.

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Why the Moving Series
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Professionalize your putting

Move, analyze, improve, perform — these are the simple stepping stones of the PuttView Moving Series. Adjust the green slope to match your targets or use the pre-defined slope settings and watch your tracked line to receive immediate feedback on your intentions. Regardless of your goals, you can adjust and customize any visual element on the green to suit your preferences and observe them auto-adjust to the slope if you change it. This will be the most efficient practice you have ever experienced.

Recreate any putt

The patented PuttView technology works seamlessly with our green, offering you an unprecedented opportunity to not only recreate millions of putts around the world but also dive into the immersive world of PuttView. Use the Modify Green Screen to choose various slope combinations or use the dice at the top to create a random putting setup. The PuttView technology will automatically adapt the visuals to your settings.

Test your abilities

The Putt Test gives you comprehensive insights into your putting abilities from different ranges. Establish your status quo, analyze your weaknesses, and become the best putter you can be with the Moving Series. The test helps you to easily identify the areas you need to work on and you can get helpful tips and drills from our statistics module. This way, you always know what to work on, can test your performance frequently, and make your improvement visible. 

Your PuttView control center

With a touch of your finger you can access the core of PuttView. Through the touch screen you can move your green easily and intuitively to recreate any slope scenario and slope combination you have in mind. Once set, the PuttView visuals on the green will automatically adapt to the slope setting and can be controlled remotely through the tablet. Choose between practice modes, games, drills, personal statistics, or the brand-new putt test. This combination makes the Moving Platform the only all-encompassing putting improvement solution on the market. 

Moving Series

Get moving with us and get in touch to find out options on the Moving Series

M12 44,980 USD

96ft² green size

Ceiling height > 9′

up to 6 real holes

∞ projected holes

Putts of up to 10'


coming soon

M16 49,980 USD

128ft² green size

Ceiling height > 10′

up to 6 real holes

∞ projected holes

Putts of up to 14'


coming soon

M20 54,980 USD

160ft² green size

Ceiling height > 12′

up to 6 real holes

∞ projected holes

Putts of up to 16'


coming soon

All prices above are in USD and include installation. VAT, travel and shipment are not included. Prices subject to change. Get in touch to request a formal quote.

  M12 M16 M20
Green size 96ft² 128ft² 160ft²
Length 12' 16' 20'
Width (green only) 8' 8' 8'
Ceiling height >9' >10' >12'
Controll device Touchscreen + Tablet Touchscreen + Tablet Touchscreen + Tablet
Installation by PuttView technician by PuttView technician by PuttView technician
Slope (up/down) 3% 3% 3%
Slope (left/right) 5% 5% 5%
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