PuttView Indoor The interactive putting green

PuttView Indoor can be installed with a PuttView green or be used to augment any pre-existing green. The projector system displays every aspect of a putt while the ball tracking camera enables true interaction with anything that is happening on the putting surface. The tablet which comes with every system lets you control and amend all visuals.


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PuttView Outdoor The future of putting practice

PuttView X is the first sports application for Microsoft’s HoloLens. Put on the glasses and create an unprecedented learning experience for yourself on any green in the world without the need for additional tools or gadgets. For the first time, you will be able to see how the greens actually break with PuttView visuals overlayed. 


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PuttView Books The tournament book you can trust

The books are carefully designed to help you save strokes on the course and during tournaments! They are the most detailed green and yardage books allowable under USGA and R&A rules, so you can take them with you whenever you are on the course. Choose between green and yardage books, yardage only, and major slopes, to find a stroke saver that actually does the job.


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