Next generation putting practice

PuttView Indoor will revolutionize your putting game and the way you perceive putting. Stop being bored while practicing and learn to understand the impact of read, line, and speed. The PuttView Indoor product range offers the right system for beginners and pros alike, in all sizes and shapes. This is where the guesswork ends and the fun begins.


How does it work?

PuttView Indoor is an Augmented Reality (AR) based system which overlays information onto the green that could otherwise not be seen. A projector illustrates every aspect of a putt directly onto the green allowing you to finally have an intuitive and engaging way to practice your putting. Located above the projector is a Ball Tracking camera, which tracks your ball in real-time. This technology provides you with valuable data and insights into your intentions in relation to your actual putt. 

Any green can be a PuttView green

There are multiple ways to bring your green to life and our experts will help guide you to the right solution. Choose between various green options and packages that will work for your space and your specific needs. Whether you already have a green or not, want to add a putting surface to your golf simulator, or have any other special requirement, we will find a solution that works for you. 

One tablet - full control

To get the most out of PuttView, you make it your own! It is not a static product but is designed to fit your specific needs. The software is highly flexible and can be amended to your personal and individual ways of learning, visualizing and practicing. The tablet, which comes with every system, lets you control all features and visuals of PuttView with the touch of your finger. Change the color of the lines, add or deactivate various visuals, practice predefined drills, or simply play interactive games. But be careful, this can become addicting very fast! 

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