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P8 / P10 / P12 Professional practice for everyone

Why the Professional Series
is perfect for you



Practice like the pros on the green

You want to take your putting practice up a notch? With the Professional Series you can do exactly that. Practice your putting on the same setup as Bryson DeChambeau and become a pro on the green. After all, there is nothing keeping you from becoming just as good at putting as the players you look up to. 

More fun for everyone

The Professional Series is perfect for individual practice, putting lessons, and team practice. Choose between three different sizes and create your very own professional putting studio. You can use the green with multiple people at the same time, making putting sessions even more enjoyable for everyone. 

Upgrade your coaching

Technology-based coaching is more relevant than ever. Give putting lessons of the future with the Professional Series by making learning for your students easy, fun and engaging. No matter if you do group practice or individual lessons, be sure that your students will tell their friends about this unique coaching experience. 

Trusted by the best - the Professional Series

Bryson DeChambeau has been one of our early customers and is well known as the "golf professor". The partnership was almost a no-brainer for both of us, as he is just as data driven and eager to learn about physics and what is happening on the course, as we are. In this exclusive interview, he talks about his relationship with us and how PuttView has helped him become one of the best putters in the world!

Bryson DeChambeau „PuttView has helped me become one of the best players in the world!“

Three options for your needs

Choose the size that works for you

P8 $22,980

90ft² contoured green

Ceiling height: 8′

3 real holes

∞ projected hole

Putts of up to 12'

P10 $26,980

140ft² contoured green

Ceiling height: 10′

4 real holes

∞ projected hole

Putts of up to 15'

P12 $31,980

220ft² contoured green

Ceiling height: 12′

5 real holes

∞ projected hole

Putts of up to 17'

All prices above are in USD and include putting green and installation. VAT, travel and shipment are not included. Prices subject to change. Get in touch to request a formal quote.

  P8 P10 P12
Green size 90ft² 140ft² 220ft²
Length 12' 15' 19'
Width (green only) 7' 6" 9' 6'' 11' 6"
Width (incl. projector) 8' 8" 11' 13' 5"
Min. ceiling height 8' 10' 12'
Weight 660lbs 1.000lbs 1.540lbs
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