Upgrade your Game.

For Beginners and Amateurs

All those excuses for a bad putt – instantly gone! The tiresome error – revealed immediately by PuttView. Your ideal putting line is calculated and directly projected onto the green based on the slope of the green and the desired putting speed. If you make the putt, you can go ahead and celebrate. If you don’t, you immediately improve your game by learning from your mistakes.

For Coaches and Professionals

Even the world’s leading experts know: new technologies create new opportunities. PuttView motivates golfers because it can measure and visualize their progress. This gives coaches a foundation for their students to work on and helps pros discover how to perfect their game.

For Golf Clubs and Golf Hosts

PuttView increases the fun factor and transforms a classic indoor putting green into a must-see experience. How? This new generation of golf practice is innovative and will attract people regardless of the weather. The mobile version allows you to amaze and draw new audiences remotely at events, trade fairs and parties as well.

How can I get PuttView? What do I need?

PuttView works with most greens that are being used for putting practice. It can be a fixed green we scan and save a 3D-model of in our software. We can also work with adjustable putting platforms such as the putting perfection platform or Full Swing Golf’s Virtual Green. The green you intend to use with PuttView will determine what configuration of PuttView you are looking at. Besides the putting green all hardware, software and services to have the system up and running are part of our offering. If you do not have an indoor putting green yet, we can advise you on the design to ensure the best experience with PuttView.

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