Series P7 • P7 Plus

P7 / P7 Plus The interactive putting green for your living room

Why the P7 Home Series
is perfect for you

Professionalize your putting

This will be the last time you are bored on a putting green or dread putting practice. With the Home Series you can professionalize your putting while having fun. Use pre-defined drills or come up with your own practice. Either way, the PuttView features will keep you engaged and make the learning process intuitive.

Upgrade your home

The Home Series combines serious practice ambitions with entertainment and fun. Once you get started, you will quickly realize that putting doesn't have to be dreadful. In addition to various practice scenarios, PuttView offers a wide range of single and multiplayer games such as Splash! or Putt Pong. Share the fun with your friends and family and invite them over for a game night, or enjoy a game by yourself. The Home Series will definitley be your new favorite spot in the house!  

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Make the most out of your space

The Home Series is specifically designed to fit seamlessly into your home or apartment with a modern design, while the software will help you tap into your imagination. At 60 ft² the unit is big enough to offer you all putting scenarios that matter most on a golf course and at the same time it is small enough to fit into almost any apartment. 

How do I improve putting at home?

Putting practice isn’t exactly on top of the list for many golfers. At home putting practice however is a trend! Ask for example professional golfer Hannah Gregg who has installed the P7 Home Series in her apartment so she can professionalize her putting practice. In this video Hannah shows you quick and easy tips that help her improve her putting on a daily basis.

Hannah Gregg "The best practice at home you can get, seriously!"
Two options for your needs

Choose the PuttView bundle that suits your needs

P7 $9.980

60ft² contoured green

Ceiling height: 7′

Putts of up to 9'

Basic visuals & features


P7 Plus $14.980

60ft² contoured green

Ceiling height: 7′

Putts of up to 9'

Advanced visuals & features


All prices above are in USD and include putting green. VAT and Shipment are not included. Prices subject to change. Get in touch to request a formal quote.


  P7 P7 Plus
Green size 60ft² 60ft²
Length 10' 10'
Width (green only) 6' 6'
Width (incl. tower) 8' 8'
Weight 330lbs 330lbs
Min. ceiling height 7' 7'
Holes 3 real holes, 1 projected hole 3 real holes, Unlimited projected holes
Interface Touchscreen Tablet
Software Basic features Advanced features
Installation self-assembly self-assembly

Get inspired!

Do you need inspiration for your putting practice or do you not feel like coming up with your own drills? Check out these quick and easy drills for your practice and fine tune your skills in the key areas of putting - read, line, and speed. 

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