A GolfTRK Perspective:
Setting yourself aside from your competitors

Guest Post by Alex Reed, Co-Owner of GolfTRK

The world of golf is continually evolving, and so are the tools and technologies used to train and enhance performance. Indoor golf facilities have become increasingly popular among golfers looking to improve their game in a controlled environment that leverages this new tech. For indoor facilities like GolfTRK in Kansas City (USA) the challenge is to stand out and offer a unique and valuable training experience for both beginners and experienced golfers alike. One product that can make a significant difference in your indoor facility is PuttView.

PuttView is a cutting-edge technology that brings innovation to putting practice. It combines precision alignment and tracking visuals with easy-to-use gamification tools to help golfers improve their short game. But how can you effectively market PuttView in your indoor golf facility to maximize the potential that it can bring? Here are a few ideas to help you do just that.

1. Invest in the PuttView Experience

To effectively market PuttView, you need to ensure that anyone's experience using the system is unforgettable the first time they use it. The moment golfers step into your facility, they should see how PuttView can become an integral part of their training regimen. At GolfTRK, our PuttView setup is located centrally in our facility.  Potential customers gravitate towards our green and can't help but grab an available putter to try it out. Here are a few other things to consider when designing your setup:

  • Thoughtful Spatial Design: Pay special attention to the specific area within your indoor facility that you designate for your PuttView. This area should be lit with specific attention to the PuttView system requirements, comfortable, and large enough to allow multiple players to be on the green simultaneously. Having a well thought-out space for PuttView not only helps optimize its operation but also showcases its importance to potential customers.
  • Include the PuttView in Demo Sessions: Offer free demo sessions for first-time visitors. Make sure to have an extra putter or two and golf balls handy to make it easy for them to start engaging with the PuttView technology and see and feel the advantages it can bring to their own game.
  • Professional Instruction: Employ qualified golf instructors who are trained in using PuttView. GolfTRK’s Class-A PGA Instructor, Sean Dougherty, includes PuttView work with individual lessons and offers short game instruction packages that are built around PuttView’s capabilities.  

2. Organize PuttView Tournaments and Challenges

Competitive golfers thrive on competition. Use this to your advantage by organizing PuttView tournaments and challenges within your facility. Here's are a few ideas of how:

  • Monthly Putting Challenges: Host monthly putting challenges where golfers can compete to achieve the best scores using PuttView.
  • Tournaments with PuttView: PuttView adds an exciting dimension to golf events. At GolfTRK, we always include a putting tournament when hosting Open Houses or other group events at our facility.  Putt Pong is a fan favorite for this.
  • PuttView Leaderboard: Add a visible leaderboard near the PuttView green that allows the facility to keep track of weekly, monthly, or all-time high scores in games like Challenge Zone or Shooter.

3. Collaborate with Local Golf Pros and Schools

Collaboration is a powerful tool in the golf industry. Partner with local golf professionals and schools to promote PuttView in your indoor golf facility.  

  • Golf Pro Workshops: Invite local golf pros to host workshops or training sessions using PuttView. This not only introduces your clients to specialists with different training perspectives but also showcases the versatility that PuttView can bring.  The PuttView at GolfTRK was specifically designed with teaching the AimPoint system in mind.
  • School Programs: Collaborate with nearby schools or junior golf programs to incorporate PuttView into their training regimens. Create custom programs or packages that cater to young golfers, emphasizing the importance of putting skills with equal importance to full-swing work. 
  • Cross-Promotion: Partner with local organizations or schools for cross-promotional activities. This can include joint marketing efforts, fundraising initiatives, or collaborative events.  

4. Leverage Photos and Videos in your Marketing and Advertising Efforts

When it comes to PuttView, visual content is going to be your most powerful marketing tool. At GolfTRK, we use photos and videos to showcase the PuttView experience, highlight its features, and engage potential customers.  Remember that many potential customers haven’t seen anything like a PuttView before, so highlighting even basic functionality in the system can be enough to create a “wow” factor that will increase interest and engagement with your business. Here are some additional ways to utilize visuals

  • Create Engaging Videos: Produce short videos that demonstrate how PuttView works, how golfers can benefit from it, and testimonials from those who have seen improvements.  Investing in these assets early on in GolfTRK’s journey was critical in launching our website, social channels and early email campaigns, all of which continue to drive interest from new customers our way.
  • Social Media Marketing: Share photos and videos on your social media platforms to reach a broader audience and encourage sharing. Use relevant hashtags to increase visibility.
  • User-Generated Content: Encourage your customers to share their PuttView experiences on social media and offer incentives for the best posts.
  • Email Campaigns: Include visual content in your email marketing campaigns to increase click rates and keep your members and customers informed about PuttView-related events and promotions.

PuttView is a game-changing technology that can significantly enhance the training and performance of golfers in indoor facilities like GolfTRK. Being intentional about the experience your customers have with PuttView and thoughtful about all of the ways in which you can apply its capabilities will dramatically increase the return of your investment in the technology.  

Remember that it's not enough to just offer the latest technology to stay competitive in today’s market.  It's about how you integrate PuttView into your golf facility, facilitate engagement with your customers and work to make it an essential part of every golfer's journey toward excellence that will allow you to stand out.  

GolfTRK is an indoor golf training & performance facility located in Kansas City (USA) that utilizes Trackman and PuttView technology. The founders opened the first location in 2023 with the goal of establishing a membership-based facility created by golfers, for golfers. GolfTRK was created to cater to golf enthusiasts looking for a premium venue to be able to practice, play and connect with other members while having access to the best technology available on the market. With a focus on golf performance, the inclusion of a short game practice area was paramount to the GolfTRK concept, and the founders were quick to include a PuttView setup with the pilot facility-- their only regret is that they didn't have more space for a larger green! The GolfTRK concept quickly resonated with the local golf community and founding memberships were sold out just three months after opening. GolfTRK is looking to expand next year into more locations both in the Kansas City community and nationally. Anyone interested in future franchising opportunities can reach the owners here.